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  • A Flagship University-Basketball and Football

    The Largest State in the Country with a flagship university……… And there are not black men in college what a shock????????? That’s because your job is to play basketball & Football……… SMH



    The black students at University of California, Los Angeles, sent a strong message about diversity at their school. Namely, the fact that there isn’t much when it comes to African-American males, a troubling fact for one of the state’s most elite institutions.

    A group of students, led by Sy Stokes, posted a video voicing their concerns about the number of black students on campus, and their message is hard to ignore. Stokes, a third-year Afro-American studies student who identifies as black, Cherokee and Chinese, recites a spoken word poem in the video, citing blaring statistics about the university’s diversity issue.

    According to the school’s enrollment statistics, African-Americans make up 3.8 percent of the student population. In the video, Stokes points out that black males make up 3.3 percent of the male student population, and that 65 percent of those black males are undergraduate athletes. Of the incoming men in the freshmen class, only 1.9 percent of them were black.

    In an interview with the Daily Bruin, Stokes said he almost dropped out of UCLA during his first year because he felt isolated and uncomfortable. Although he eventually found his niche in the minority community, he said he wanted to raise awareness about the school’s lack of diversity before the university’s application deadline on Nov. 30.

    “We had to do something to put our issues on the map,” Stokes said.

    In an email statement to the school paper, Janina Montero, vice chancellor of student affairs, said administrators acknowledge the need for more diversity and are attempting to work within the state’s admission parameters.

    “We certainly recognize that the low numbers of African Americans and other underrepresented students on campus does lead to a sense of isolation and invisibility,” Montero said in her email statement. “It is difficult to eliminate this painful imbalance without considering race in the admissions process.”

    The state of California voted down affirmative action in 1996 and passed Proposition 209, which banned state schools from considering race, gender, ethnicity or national origins in their admissions processes. Black student enrollment has severely decreased since that provision and critics are saying that has to change.

    The students’ video adds to the ongoing affirmative action debate both inside and outside of the state, raising awareness about diversity at institutions around the country. Stokes said he feels responsible for spreading the word about the unknown challenges of being a minority student at UCLA and the ongoing lack of diversity on campus.

    “Being the cousin of Arthur Ashe, I feel as though it is my responsibility to uphold the strong voices of the Black Bruin community,” he said. This school has experienced unacceptable instances of injustice recently, and many people are not aware of what is happening at this university.”
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    Fall is here and many women complain of their hair being dry during this season, especially women with Natural Hair. To put moisture back in your hair, the best thing to do is to give your hair a Steam Hydration Treatment. These treatments are offered by most salons now-a-days for about $20.00 but you can save money by doing this treatment at home yourself.


    Give yourself a Creamy Hot Oil Treatment by mixing NouriTress’ “Steam It Super Moisturizing Conditioner” & “VitaOil” together in a bowl. Comb this mixture through your hair and sit under the NouriTress Hair Steamer for 15 minutes. Your hair will definitely feel softer and moisturized. Repeat this regime every time you shampoo & condition your hair for Natural Hair Clients and once a month for clients with relaxed hair.


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  • Pampered & Beautiful Beauty Supply

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  • It’s Yours Hair Company
  • Women snatched and grabbed over $15,000 worth of hair from the racks in his store in Houston, Texas
    You’ve got so many celebrities wearing this type of hair now, and so many women want that look” said store owner  Kehlin “Mr. Indian Hair” Farooq. Four women snatched and grabbed over $15,000 worth of hair from the racks in his store in Houston, Texas. The incident was caught on surveillance cameras (see video on this page) and four suspects have now been apprehended.

    The average value for a bundle of hair is about $150 to 200 dollars.” Kehlin ‘Mr. Indian Hair’ Farooq, Entrepreneur

    We know the economy is tight and people gotta eat — but dayyum. There are certainly better ways to get involved in the business of black hair.

     This is one of the reasons why organizers are planning the first ever International Black Hair Summit: The Business of Black Hair. The event is scheduled for October 22-25, 2014 in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

    What say you?

     A thought from BOBSA By Sam Ennon

    This is the reason we should organizers the black hair distributors in the United States. We do not condone what  these ladies did it would’ve been nice if they would approach the merchant and ask to sell here for him. These ladies deftly know where to go to sell the hair. It would be great if some way we could recruit them. Once they do their time, they know how to use social media in selling the hair.

     There is a lot of entrepreneurs men and women and our black community. Like these ladies that would be excellent sales reps, for the new and upcoming black hair distributors.


    Keep in mind that Koreans control the distribution of hair in our black community through their brick-and-mortar stores.

    something to think about.

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