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  • BWSI Enrollment Protocol

    BWSI Enrollment Protocol

    I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the mighty entrepreneurial men and women of BOBSA who have joined on the mission of cooperative economic building within our beauty industry and greater community at large.  It is evident by the response we have gotten so far that unity is a powerful tool indeed that has to be the foundation of business pursuits going into the new century.  As long as we continue to overcome obstacles and continuously use our hard work and imagination to foster stronger business relationships then we are well on our way to passing on the generational wealth that we owe to our beautiful Black children. 

    I wanted to take a moment to emphasize how important it is to follow enrollment and continuous improvement education as we move forward.  We have to develop a system of integrity for the thousands of others who are coming down the path to Spiral Funding.  The system has to be informative, exact, and duplicating.  With this said it is of the utmost importance that we become accustomed to dealing with one another on a direct business level, this is crucial to maximizing the partnership between Black Wall Street International and BOBSA.  The protocols in place are to ensure that we have accurate documentation to build upon and to be certain that we are transferring KNOWLEDGE by the most clear and efficient means.   

    I will cite a few weekly ongoing presentations as examples of this. 

    1.Wednesday Q&A Session- It’s important to have watched or direct your oncoming BWS executive to watch the orientation prior to calling in.  This will make the sessions more productive and allow us to get more in depth.  Please Register for Wednesday calls on  Click Spiral Funding, learn more, then webinars.  All upcoming meetings can be found and registered for there in a couple minutes.

     2. Sunday night orientation and enrollment-  This is for first timers looking to enroll and existing members to get a wealth of knowledge on the requirements of the Spiral Funding program.  It is great business insight and conversation about your business so Please Register ahead before the event, otherwise we will not be able to see your participation.  If you only call in and do not register we cannot issue your certificate for the training and we will be opening room for errors in our communication channel as we build. 

     3. The Executive Power Lounge-  The Power Lounge is a major component of the continuous education strategy.  We utilize it to give continuous informational updates and meet their regularly to discuss upcoming projects.  The Power Lounge will be a great experience. 

     These are but a few important items.  I just wanted to impress upon our minds and spirits the importance of following protocol with BWSI given the business nature of the relationship that we are nurturing.  We are here to assist you in the proper spirit, and we want to sure to set a good business precedent from the onset of Spiral Funding.  Be Blessed family and please feel free to follow up or contact me with questions. 

     Best Regards,

    Brett Forney
    (937) 607-8089



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