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  • Black News Report: Black Women Angry About Asian Hair Industry Dominance

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    Nationwide — The beauty industry involves black women from all corners of the world as customers, stylists, clinicians, models, manufacturers, spokespersons and more. The ethnic beauty business is a $15 billion business that consists of a 96% African-American customer base, but roughly only 3% of the retailers are African-American. Read more…

  • Annie’s Beauty Supply Celebrates their 1 yr Anniversary

    BOBSA’s new member Annie Tyrell, owner of Annie’s Beauty Supply, is celebrating her one-year anniversary and is looking for vendor information from Black-owned businesses to order supplies for her store.   Annie wants to support BOBSA vendors and you may contact her by email or telephone numbers (727) 343-9582 or (727) 420-1843 (cell). 

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