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  • Soul Styles Enterprise

    Who is Soul Styles?
    Soul Styles Enterprise is a community based company designed to improve local communities by introducing community training, event organization and project management.
    What We Do:
    Soul Styles are a hair duo whose goal is  to help improve our community with events, hair training and project management for the future of black and ethnic communities. We help black and ethnic families gain access to  businesses information and training. Soul Styles holds networking events to promote  companies and services in selected ethnic communities.
    What are your business goals?
     We work alongside local government bodies training single parents, foster caretakers and families that have mixed heritage children.
     Through market research, we have established that there is a very high demand for more information and training from parents/foster caretakers to help maintain and look after their child’s hair.
    Soul Styles will be holding a Black Hair and Beauty event at which local colleges will be able to showcase  talent in the areas of hair, beauty, fashion as well as music. Shea Cottage,  American Hair Company  and Design Essentials will  also be conducting educational seminars.
    Why our we doing this?
    We want to improve the lives of people. We believe that our events will bring the community together and improve lives. We aim to guide and nurture families through hair training so they may  gain an understanding of how to improve a child’s appearance. It’s a very important part of growing up. 
    For more information email Jamila Blair

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