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  • Ronda Berry Stevenson opens a store on the largest military base in Germany
    Ronda Berry Stevenson had a store in Richmond hilltop Mall in California she close that store and moved into a new store on Travis Air Force Base in California run under started expanding their business by setting up stores on military bases throughout the United States she has now opened up first international store in Germany the largest military base there in 2015 she will be put in another store in the military base in Spain Italy.

    Ronda Berry Stevenson
    “God said it 10+ years ago, even though I questioned how He would achieve it, I did what Rev. Dillingham taught me a long time ago. … Trust God when you can’t track Him. … Here is our first international store located in Germany (as we have agreed to open our next spot in Italy, July 2015) — feeling blessed.”
    Ronda Berry Stevenson has been a member of BOBSA for 10 years.

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