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  • Sam Ennon Wins The Nzuri Community Hero of the Year Award

    Danielle Smith Williams, Sam Ennon, and Isis

    Congratulations, BOBSA!

    The Nzuri Community Hero of the Year Award recognizes Top Leaders in the Black Hair Community that promote economic empowerment, natural hair health and beauty through safe practices. The finalists in this category were nominated and voted on by their peers.

    The awards gala was held Friday, December 12 at the Houston NRG Center Hall A (right outside the home of the Nzuri 2014 Festival). 
    Sam Ennon, 

    Judge Bill C. Littejohn

  • The BLACK DOLLAR Project

    The BLACK DOLLAR Project is a business initiative created to address the need for stronger business relationships and alliances through commerce in the African American Community between business owners and consumers that spearheads steady economic growth and empowerment.


  • Cultural Ownership Initiative Dayton

    Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnatti Cultural Ownership Initiative begins successfully with community praise and support

    Black Beauty Industry Dollars
    “Rise of the Black Owned Beauty Industry,” the dominating thought, conversation, and entrepreneurial activity is alive and thriving in the African American community.  Chief among this topic is the 17 billion dollar revenue generated from the heritage and style of Black people, yet more than 90% of the dollars produced from hair sales go directly to the Koreans.

    It should be noted that there are several other countries heavily invested in the skin and beauty needs of Black people such as L’Oreal of France, Walla of Germany, Alberto Culver owned by UK company Unilever, and Debar of India. Domestically between Procter & Gamble, the Koreans, and now the Arab community there is a continuous battle over who will reap the profits generated from the heritage of our ancestral beauty.

    Interestingly enough Mintel, a research firm that keeps close tabs on African American beauty industry numbers, states that if all factors of the industry such as wigs, appliances, weaves, e-commerce, independent supply stores, and distributors were accurately accounted for the Black Beauty Industry could potentially value at 500 billion! There are countries that don’t have a gross domestic product that large.

    Black America’s Diamond

    Travel any city in America with a significant Black population and you will see 2 buildings more than any others- churches along with barbershops and salons.  It is safe to say that the largest class of independent Black professionals are the stylists themselves.

    There has never been a better time to take a real introspective look at how we understand and treat this profession.  The job creation potential of the beauty industry is enormous.  Take into account stylists, nail techs, distributors, delivery drivers, massage therapy, skin care, chemists and so many more.  This industry is an economic engine in which we have the power to assume ultimate authority, but an assessment of  our values must be taken to decide whether or not we will allow other ethnicities to siphon off our generational wealth.

    Consider the Natural Care Markets explosion, Koreans abhor it because the profit is far away from 300% or more they are use to in hair retail. The Initiative is to act Now! We only have to seize the opportunity.


    Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinatti
       Regional Organization

    What is the Cultural Ownership Initiative?  It is a detailed analysis of Black owned retail locations including products and services in a given region which determines numerical strengths and consumer spending patterns in order to strategically practice cooperative economic investing that secures a percentage of industry ownership and generational wealth.  Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnatti will be the initial and model region whereby this business venture/movement is to take place.  Beginning in the city of Dayton we are now reaching out to every barbershop, salon, nail clinic, health spa, and stylist education center in order to achieve a brilliantly organized collective investing venture that has the potential to redirect our history by way of a harmonized front in the Black Beauty Industry.

    This industry represents Harmony to our community.  When it comes to beauty WE agree regardless to profession, religion, status, political ideology or geographic location, it’s our best chance at collective success.  For the last few weeks BWS2.0 businessmen and socio-economic activists Brett Forney and Jovan Webster have been visiting barber shops and salons in the city of Dayton gaining support and participation from the cities beauty professionals.  Every shop visited was enthusiastically behind the goal of bringing our beauty dollars home where they belong. One owner Daneil Barrell, of Daniels Barber Shop, who has served the community and employed many stylists for 27 years was so excited to see the project that he has personally pledged to get every shop in the city involved.  Daniel said that after serving the community for near 3 decades that “Everybody knows me, and I’m willing to bring together all the shops I know.”  All Black Owned beauty establishments in the city are due to be surveyed for the Initiative and we are confident that the results will be an amazing eyeopener of success and opportunities to be explored.

    Thank you for reading the BWS2.0 Initiative update and stay tuned for more….  If you own or would like to forward beauty establishment information for the Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnatti Metros please feel free to forward the information or contact us anytime with questions and concerns.

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