Virtual Beauty Supply Store, and Brick and Mortar Store All In One.

“Bobsa Mission is dedicated to assisting African-Americans who are looking to open brick and mortar stores. In today’s changing retail landscape, although online shopping has become increasingly popular, brick and mortar stores still play a significant role in attracting customers. To adapt to these changes, we propose the idea of setting up a virtual store as a precursor to opening a physical location.

The concept is simple: the virtual store will serve as a platform for showcasing products, while the brick and mortar store will act as the supplier and shipper of the products. This approach allows us to establish an online presence and leverage the convenience of e-commerce, while also maintaining the personalized experience and trustworthiness associated with physical stores.

By utilizing the virtual store, individuals can test the market demand for their products, gather customer feedback, and refine their offerings before committing to a permanent physical location. This not only mitigates the risks involved in starting a business, but also optimizes the chances of success for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Additionally, the brick and mortar store will benefit from having a ready-to-ship inventory based on the virtual store’s sales. This streamlines operations, reduces inventory costs, and ensures efficient fulfillment of orders. Furthermore, customers who prefer the tactile experience of shopping in person can visit the physical store to browse, touch, and interact with the products before making a purchase.

Ultimately, the integration of a virtual store into Bobsa Mission’s strategy empowers African-American entrepreneurs to embrace the evolving retail landscape while preserving the essence of traditional brick and mortar stores. By combining the best of both worlds, we can create a symbiotic relationship between virtual and physical retail, enhancing customer satisfaction and maximizing business potential.”

Sam Ennon

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