You have probably seen the C.J. Walker movie and we have been inundated with calls, emails, Facebook posts and etc.  We were appalled with the portrayal of Annie Malone.  I have read the Bundles’ book twice and there was very little of it in the movie from what I could see.  The writers took what is called artistic liberty and made Malone the villain and did not even use Malone’s name.  Actually, they reversed the roles.  The AMHS feels that they missed the opportunity to highlight the wonderful work done by these two remarkable women.  We will be releasing an op-ed soon.  Most of the comments we have received so far have disapproved of the movie and are asking us to address it. 

One of our associates released this op-ed.   The Problem With “The Facts About Madam C.J. Walker And Annie Malone” And The Problem With “Self Made” Netflix Series 

This is from Oprah’s Magazine  Netflix’s “Self Made” Overlooks Another Woman Millionaire, Annie Turnbo Malone

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