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This “AFRICAN” girl is fighting to wear her natural hair in “AFRICA” This is nonsensical! #Repost @judithfranklin with @repostapp


In what world do we live in that a 13 year old is compelled to march in protest to stand up for the right to wear her NATURAL GOD GIVEN HAIR in AFRICA?!?! Sent to detention because her hair is not in compliance with the school handbook?!!! Had to leave two other schools because of a hair issue?!?! Which is not really an issue… There are so many more important issues in the world to focus on… She can’t help the way she was born. Made to feel like she is not beautiful or has done something wrong because her hair grows a certain way! What is this world we live in?!? I could say so more but I’ll chose to hold my peace because it may not be very nice. I stand with Zulaikha! Wear your crown proudly! You are beautiful! #zulaikha