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Pre Requisites for getting you products into a online shop

To Get Started On Your Custom E commerce Site Contact Local Business Websites.
Via Email at info@localbusinesswebsites.net with the below information and you will be contacted for a quote.

Approximate number of products.
Phone Number
Best Time To Contact You (Sundays or Mondays)

This is to prepare you to get your own products into your shops.

You will have to provide a spreadsheet and the images of all the products you would want to sell online.
Below is a tutorial and examples of how to set up your products to be put online into a ecommerce shop.

There are 2 types of products, simple products and variable products.

Simple Products:

A product that come in one way only there are no variations or attributes:


6 oz tube of generic balm $12.99

That’s it.

it is what it is, no options or variations.


Variable Products:

This would be a line of products and it options, attributes and variations.

Example 1 is simple variations

Example 2 Is Advanced Variations


Example 1:

Parent Product Generic Cream  $12.99
subproduct attribute Sizes:

6 oz
8 oz
subproduct attribute Flavors:

wild berry


6 oz  wild berry $12.99
6 oz  blueberry $12.99
6 oz  vanilla $12.99
6 oz  cola $12.99
8 oz  wild berry $12.99
8 oz  blueberry $12.99
8 oz  vanilla $12.99
8 oz  cola $12.99


Example 2:

Parent Product generic REMY type Hair Product with color.

subproduct attribute Type:
subproduct attribute Length:

12 in
14 in
16 in
18 in
subproduct attribute Style:

subproduct attribute Color:

hot pink

Product Varables:

Brazilian 12 in strait red $149.99

Brazilian 14 in strait red $159.99

Brazilian 16 in strait red $169.99

Brazilian 18 in strait red $179.99

Brazilian 12 in strait purple $149.99

Brazilian 14 in strait purple $159.99

Brazilian 16 in strait purple $169.99

Brazilian 18 in strait purple $179.99

Brazilian 12 in strait black $149.99

Brazilian 14 in strait black $159.99

Brazilian 16 in strait black $169.99

Brazilian 18 in strait black $179.99

Brazilian 12 in strait hot pink $149.99

Brazilian 14 in strait hot pink $159.99

Brazilian 16 in strait hot pink $169.99

Brazilian 18 in strait hot pink $179.99

Brazilian 12 in strait brown $149.99

Brazilian 14 in strait brown $159.99

Brazilian 16 in strait brown $169.99

Brazilian 18 in strait brown $179.99

Brazilian 12 in strait blonde $149.99

Brazilian 14 in strait blonde $159.99

Brazilian 16 in strait blonde $169.99

Brazilian 18 in strait blonde $179.99

Indian 12 in strait red $169.99

Indian 14 in strait red $179.99

Indian 16 in strait red $189.99

Indian 18 in strait red $199.99

Indian 12 in strait purple $169.99

Indian 14 in strait purple $179.99

Indian 16 in strait purple $189.99

Indian 18 in strait purple $199.99

Indian 12 in strait black $169.99

Indian 14 in strait black $179.99

Indian 16 in strait black $189.99

Indian 18 in strait black $199.99

Indian 12 in strait hot pink $169.99

Indian 14 in strait hot pink $179.99

Indian 16 in strait hot pink $189.99

Indian 18 in strait hot pink $199.99

Indian 12 in strait brown $169.99

Indian 14 in strait brown $179.99

Indian 16 in strait brown $189.99

Indian 18 in strait brown $199.99

Indian 12 in strait blonde $169.99

Indian 14 in strait blonde $179.99

Indian 16 in strait blonde $189.99

Indian 18 in strait blonde $199.99

Malaysian 12 in strait red $200.89

Malaysian 14 in strait red $210.89

Malaysian 16 in strait red $220.89

Malaysian 18 in strait red $240.89

Malaysian 12 in strait purple $200.89

Malaysian 14 in strait purple $210.89

Malaysian 16 in strait purple $220.89

Malaysian 18 in strait purple $240.89

Malaysian 12 in strait black $200.89

Malaysian 14 in strait black $210.89

Malaysian 16 in strait black $220.89

Malaysian 18 in strait black $240.89

Malaysian 12 in strait hot pink $200.89

Malaysian 14 in strait hot pink $210.89

Malaysian 16 in strait hot pink $220.89

Malaysian 18 in strait hot pink $240.89

Malaysian 12 in strait brown $200.89

Malaysian 14 in strait brown $210.89

Malaysian 16 in strait brown $220.89

Malaysian 18 in strait brown $240.89

Malaysian 12 in strait blonde $200.89

Malaysian 14 in strait blonde $210.89

Malaysian 16 in strait blonde $220.89

Malaysian 18 in strait blonde $240.89


With just those attributes the product has 72 variations already

The process is repeated for each attribute style as well, which will be 216 total variations.

Malaysian 12 in curly red $200.89

Malaysian 14 in curly red $210.89

Malaysian 16 in curly red $220.89

Malaysian 18 in curly red $240.89

Malaysian 12 in curly purple $200.89


Indian 12 in curly red $169.99

Indian 14 in curly red $179.99

Indian 16 in curly red $189.99

Indian 18 in curly red $199.99

Indian 12 in curly purple $169.99


Brazilian 12 in curly red $149.99

Brazilian 14 in curly red $159.99

Brazilian 16 in curly red $169.99

Brazilian 18 in curly red $179.99

Brazilian 12 in curly purple $149.99


Malaysian 12 in body red $200.89

Malaysian 14 in body red $210.89

Malaysian 16 in body red $220.89

Malaysian 18 in body red $240.89

Malaysian 12 in body purple $200.89


Indian 12 in body red $169.99

Indian 14 in body red $179.99

Indian 16 in body red $189.99

Indian 18 in body red $199.99

Indian 12 in body purple $169.99


Brazilian 12 in body red $149.99

Brazilian 14 in body red $159.99

Brazilian 16 in body red $169.99

Brazilian 18 in body red $179.99

Brazilian 12 in body purple $149.99


That is a breakdown of all the information that will be gathered  from the spreadsheet.
As you can see this can quickly make 1 product 100+ products.

The necessities you will have to include on the spreadsheet that are required.

Simple Products:
Product Category
Product SKU or UPC
Product Tag (Use The Manufacturer Name if you would like to list by product manufacturer)Product name
product description
Product weight
Product price
*Product Image Location and name (This has to be a physical image and not an image embedded on the spreadsheet. If you embed the image to the spreadsheet it will not work and break your website.)

Variable Product:

Product Category
Product SKU
Product Parent SKU
Product Tag (Use The Manufacturer Name if you would like to list by product manufacturer)
Product name
product description
Product weight
Product attributes
product variations
Product Position
Product price

*Product Image Location and name (This has to be a physical image and not an image embedded on the spreadsheet. If you embed the image to the spreadsheet it will not work and break your website.)

Attached will be 2 spread sheets one for simple products one for variable products as a sample example of how they must be laid out to import your products.


  • Product Images

On the spread sheet the last column will be for your product images.
here will be a link to the image.



Create a folder name it My Website,  in that folder have your spreadsheet and another folder named images.

Download the image for the particular product to folder images. Be sure the name of the image matches the name of the product or product SKU for identification.
all Images should be in the .jpg format

The link to put in the images column for a product is :


If a products variation each has a separate image then it must be listed on the variable under the image columb as well and included in the images folder.


I Offer Only Free or Flat  Shipping, if you would like to charge shipping by the prices at usps or ups or whatever service you will use I can point you to a 3rd party plugin that will do that for you.


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